Question: What Can I Buy In Munnar?

What is famous in Munnar buying?

In Munnar, the best thing to buy is tea, coffee, and spices.

Being famous for its exquisite taste and aroma, the tea grown here comes in many different varieties.

So is the coffee and spices.

They are grown locally in vast plantations and estates..

What is famous in Kerala for shopping?

Here are 10 things to shop for in Kerala.Spices. … Tea and Coffee. … Coir Handicrafts. … Shell Showpieces. … Kathakali Masks. … Kasavu Mundu. … Nettipattam. … Cashews.More items…•

Where can I buy spices in Munnar?

Shopping for spicesAbbas & Co. Tea Merchants, 25 Bazaar, Munnar, Kerala; Website: Abbas & Co. Tea Merchants.Green Land Spices Super Market, Central Junction, Munnar, Kerala 685612; Website: Green Land Spices Super Market.

Is Munnar safe for unmarried couples?

Our hotels are safe, well managed and are quite popular amongst unmarried couples, so make sure you book hotels in Munnar in advance for a worry-free and comfortable stay with StayUncle.

Can unmarried couples stay in resorts?

The Supreme Court of India nowhere states that it is illegal for unmarried couples to book a hotel room. … Though it is not illegal for unmarried couples to stay together, it is at the discretion of the hotels, to allow or not to allow unmarried couples to stay in their hotel.

What can I buy in Thekkady?

These places are best for shopping in Thekkady:Shiny Spices.Abraham’s Spice Garden.Hachi Chocolate Homemade & Honey.Green Land Spice Garden.Tropical Chocolate Factory.

Which district is the largest producer of spices in Kerala?

Idukki districtIn Kerala’s Idukki district, cardamom is a way of life. As the largest producer and exporter of cardamom in India, the district has created an assiduous industry around the spice. Harvesting cardamom is a meticulous process that is typically done by hand.

Can I wear shorts in Kerala?

Not at all, people in Kerala are used to receiving a lot of European and American tourist who usually wear shorts and sleeveless, so wear shorts and sleeveless or for that matter anything which makes you comfortable.

Which is better alleppey or Munnar?

While Alleppey is popular for houseboat cruises and backwater tourism, Munnar is a hill station where you can refresh and relax in the lap of mother nature. … According to the analytical study by Kerala Tourism Department, foreign tourists prefer Alleppey over Munnar but domestic tourists prefer Munnar than Alappuzha.

What is the Speciality of Munnar?

The place is also famous for its medicinal plants and herbs. Being one of the major hill stations in Kerala, Munnar is blessed with the fruits of nature. The several hills, tea plantations, National Parks, Rivers and lakes have made Munnar an essential tourist destination in India.

Which is the best location to stay in Munnar?

Pallivasal chithirapuramThere are many resorts in Munnar according to your budget you can choose. I personally suggested to u the best place for the stay in Munnar is Pallivasal chithirapuram (the most scenic location in Munnar,) the benefit is u can enjoy The tea panoramic plantation views great from the hotel rooms.

Is Munnar good for honeymoon?

Any journey to the honeymoon places in Kerala would be incomplete without a delightful escape to Munnar! … A paradise hidden in God’s Own Country, Munnar is one of the best places to visit in Kerala and has beautiful quaint spots to go around with your special someone.

Is Kerala better than Goa?

In Kerala, the mountains are much higher and enjoy a completely different climate to the coastal belt. Tea, coffee and spice plantations carpet the higher slopes, and there is considerably more forest (and wildlife) than in Goa.

What is the dress code of Kerala?

The traditional wear of the state is called ‘Mundu’ which is worn on the lower portion of the body, from the waist to the foot. It is white and is worn by both men and women. It resembles a long skirt or a dhoti. The upper garment varies with gender and age.

What should I wear in Munnar?

It Can Get Damp in Munnar During the Morning and EveningUnderwear.Socks.Bras.Sleepwear.T-shirts.Dress Shirts.Casual Shirts.Jeans.More items…•

Where is the best place to buy spices?

Our 10 Favorite Places to Buy Spices Right NowPenzeys. … Kalustyan’s. … Walmart. … Savory Spice Shop. … Spicewalla. … Burlap and Barrel. … Thrive Market. “Recently, I’ve been adding spices to my Thrive Market order and I’ve been so impressed with their quality. … Costco. “Hear me out!More items…•

Is one day enough for Munnar?

One day is enough for Munnar sight seeing (Mattupettu Lake, Dam, Eco Point etc). You can do that by taxi. Even auto-rickshaw is also convenient for sight seeing.

What is the famous food of Munnar?

The mascot of Kerala’s cuisine, puttu is a steamed rice cake made with coconut shavings. It is served alongside kadala curry, which is cooked with black chickpeas and infused with aromatic herbs and spices.