Question: What Does It Mean When Someone Is Concerned?

What is the meaning of concern for others?

Concern for Others.

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Concern for Others.


Must be able to consider the needs and difficulties of others and take an active interest in their feelings, capabilities and perspectives in order to assist them with the difficulties they face and act with integrity, warmth and concern..

What stunned means?

to deprive of consciousness or strength by or as if by a blow, fall, etc.: The blow to his jaw stunned him for a moment. to astonish; astound; amaze: Her wit stunned the audience. to shock; overwhelm: The world was stunned by the attempted assassination.

Why is it important to be concerned about others?

The act of caring for another is so powerful because it creates deeper bonds as individuals lean on each other for emotional support. … It also teaches important virtues such as patience, understanding and loyalty that benefit individuals in both their personal and professional lives.

How would you show your concern for others?

Easy Ways to Show Someone You CareMake something special (a card, a memory book, a photo album of your favorite memories, or anything you know how to make). … Draw pictures and decorate his or her room together.Bring games and play together.Share your favorite stuffed animal or toy.Write a poem about how much you love that person.More items…

Is concerned a feeling?

1 : a feeling of worry or care about a person or thing concern for the poor a cause for concern. 2 : something that causes worry or is regarded as important The students’ safety is her main concern. 3 : something that relates to or involves a person : affair This is not your concern.

What’s your concern Meaning?

Someone’s concern with something is their feeling that it is important. … Concern for someone is a feeling that you want them to be happy, safe, and well. If you do something out of concern for someone, you do it because you want them to be happy, safe, and well. Without her care and concern, he had no chance at all.

How do you respond when someone is concerned about your health?

You can just say, “I’m good.” What if I am sick and someone asks about my condition? Tell them how you are currently feeling. For example, you might say, “I was feeling very ill yesterday, but I’m better today, thank you for asking.”

How do you use concerned?

The school’s decision is being questioned by a group of concerned parents. Her family was very concerned for her safety. Voters are deeply concerned about the economy. a discussion that will be of interest to everyone concerned The lawyers called a meeting of all the concerned parties.

What is the best reply of take care?

U may say Thank you or sure or you too take care. “You too “ or “ thanks I will “. “I will” or “you too”. Yes, I will.

How do you respond to concern?

thank you for your concern is itself a closing statement so really there is no need to respond. You could say something like “ok”, or nod, smile, or otherwise acknowledge the statement without saying anything, but chances are the other person will disengage with the parting statement so you need only follow suit.

How do you concern someone?

Show a personal concern for the well-being of other person. Ask after their career, health, happiness and so on. Get them to open up and just listen. Accept what they say without criticism.

Is concerned with meaning?

1 : interested in She was more concerned with flirting than with getting the job done. 2 : having to do with : about The memo is chiefly concerned with hiring policies.

Which preposition is used after concern?

EDIT: See Dan Ray’s answer for a use with the for preposition. To have a concern for something means there is something your attention is on, something you’re committed to.

What are the 10 basic emotions?

They include sadness, happiness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust.Sadness. An emotional state characterized by feelings of disappointment, grief or hopelessness. … Happiness. A pleasant emotional state that elicits feelings of joy, contentment and satisfaction. … Fear. … Anger. … Surprise. … Disgust.

Where you are concerned Meaning?

as far as (someone or something) is concerned 1. Regarding a certain person or situation.