Question: Who Was The First Person To Have No 1 Album?

Which British bands are big in America?

From The Beatles To Alt-J, 25 Plucky British Artists Who’ve Stormed To Success In AmericaAlt-J.

The Beatles.

The Rolling Stones.

Led Zeppelin.

Pink Floyd.

Fleetwood Mac.

Elton John.

Adele.More items…•.

What is the number 1 album of all time?

In 2018, The Eagles’ greatest hits album, released in 1976, surpassed Michael Jackson’s 1982 album “Thriller” to take the top spot on the RIAA’s list. The Eagles have the first and third best-selling albums of all time, with the band’s “Hotel California” following “Thriller.”

Who was the first singer to have a number one album and film in the US at the same time?

More importantly, though, is the fact that in January, “The Wedding Planner” opened as the number one movie in America. And thus January 2001 marked a seismic cultural achievement for Lopez, unmatched by any artist of her age: She held both the number one movie and the number one album at the same time.

Who is the most famous British singer?

Famous British SingersFreddie Mercury. 05 September 1946. Singer-songwriter.John Lennon. 09 October 1940. Co-founder of ‘The Beatles’Harry Styles. 01 February 1994.Dua Lipa. 22 August 1995. Singer-songwriter.Zayn Malik. 12 January 1993.Elton John. 25 March 1947.Phil Collins. 30 January 1951. Drummer.David Bowie. 08 January 1947.More items…

What female singer has the most number one hits?

MadonnaMadonna currently holds the record for the most number-one songs in the 43-year history of the chart, with 50, which is the record for any Billboard chart. The only other artists to have achieved more than 20 chart toppers are Rihanna (33) and Beyoncé (22).

Who has had 10 number one hits?

10 Musical Acts That Scored 10 #1 HitsElvis Presley. Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley, 1956. … The Beatles. the Beatles. … The Supremes. the Supremes. … Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder. … Michael Jackson. Jackson, Michael. … Madonna. Madonna performing during her “Virgin Tour” in 1985. … Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston. … Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey.More items…

Who is the oldest woman to have a number one hit single in the USA?

Tina Turner hit No. 1 with “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” in 1984 at age 44 and Cher did the same with “Believe” in 1999 at age 52. Thanks to her famously dramatic wigs, fans may not even know Sia’s age. (Which is fine, duh.)

Who has had the most UK number one hits?

The Beatles hold the record for the most number-ones singles by group (with 17), while Madonna holds the record for a female artist (with 13).

How was the first person to have a No 1 album and No 1 film in the same week?

Post 1982, the first is Prince. His film Purple Rain was the #1 film on the weekend of July 29th 1984, and the album Purple Rain was #1 in the week of 4th August 1984.

Who was the first British band to have a number 1 in America?

Up All Night sold 179,000 copies in a week after an intense promotional blitz that had some excitable commentators comparing it to the Beatles’ first visit to the States in 1964. Its sales made One Direction the first British pop band to go straight in at No 1 in America with their first LP.

Who has the most #1 songs in history?

The Beatles1s, From The Beatles to Rihanna & More. The Beatles reign with a record 20 toppers. Over 27,000 songs have graced the Billboard Hot 100 in the chart’s 60-year history.