Quick Answer: Can You Paint Over Pencil With Acrylic?

How do you cover pencil marks with acrylic paint?

One thing that I try to do is to paint just up to but not over a pencil line.

Then when the paint dries thoroughly, I use a kneaded (“needed”) eraser and/or a white eraser to erase as much of the pencil line as possible..

Can acrylic paint go over colored pencil?

Acrylics are lightfast and can be glazed over colored pencils.

How do you paint over a pencil?

The best thing I can suggest is to carefully paint over those charcoal and pencil mistakes with white gesso. You might have to use a small brush so that you don’t accidentally gesso over the lines that you want to save. If you have to, you can do 2-3 coats of gesso over the mistakes until they are covered up.

Can you paint over pencil marks on canvas?

You could paint over those areas with an opaque color, or titanium white then repaint, but that’s easier said then done. Next time use a watercolor pencil in a light color. I prefer to use a darker yellow. … Most painters who use graphite pencils paint over the lines with enough paint to obliterate them.

Can you paint with a pencil?

I paint traditionally with acrylics and colored pencil on paper, with a little bit of watercolor for subtle tinting in between. For my acrylics, I enjoy Golden paints that come in three different viscosity levels — heavy body, fluid and high-flow.

Can you use watercolor over colored pencil?

Watercolors and colored pencils work really well together. When layered, they combine to create gorgeous textures and a rich sense of color.

Can you use acrylic paint over graphite?

The acrylic will adhere just fine, but like said before you might smear the drawing pretty badly when adding the paint. Especially if you have it layered up. If thats not a problem then your good to go.

Should I draw with pencil before painting?

Pencils are a very common way to sketch on canvas prior to painting. They can be used for oils, acrylics, or most any other medium. The great thing about pencils is you can do a fairly detailed drawing right on the canvas.

Can I paint acrylic over fixative?

Assuming you’re applying your fixative correctly, this process shouldn’t threaten the bonding of your oil paint to the acrylic ground, whether or not the canvas is factory-primed. Try painting directly over your drawing or choose a drawing medium, like pencil, that’s less likely to smudge. …

Can you oil paint over graphite?

Graphite particles don’t migrate through an oil paint film, but the material is denser than charcoal and can mix readily with paint, staining light colors in the first application. Also, as paint ages and becomes increasingly transparent marks underneath may become more visible.

Can you paint on top of colored pencil?

And unless you draw on a surface like canvas or gessoed paper, you run the risk of having the oils in oil paints damage or destroy the paper over time. So I don’t recommend using oil paints and colored pencils together in any way. If you just want to do something fun and different, then go ahead.