Quick Answer: Is Intj Better Than INTP?

What is the weirdest personality type?

Originally Answered: What is the weirdest personality type.

I think that the weirdest personality type is going to be the forever intriguing INFJ.

They are the rarest personality type and people have a hard time understanding INFJs.

INFJs are enigmatic, strange, and one of the wierdest people to ever come across..

Can INTJs be messy?

INTJ. INTJs have a tendency to be messy, but they are rarely dirty. … INTJs often know where everything is, and might live in what appears to be an organized chaos. They like their appearance to be rather put together and organized, especially if they are going to be seen by other people.

Can I be both INTP and INTJ?

Yeah, you definitely can be both an INTP and an INTJ. Or at least in between them. Each of the 16 types is a combination of pure traits. But if you are on the border of J and P, your personality will be a combination of both INTJ and INTP.

Which is scarier an angry INTP or an angry Intj?

Which is scarier, an angry INTP or an angry INTJ? I’d say that an INTP is much scarier when angry. If you think an INTP isn’t scary when angry, then you haven’t seen an angry INTP. From my experience as an INTP, I don’t tend to show when I’m angry with expressions.

Which personality type is the laziest?

INFJs and INTJs are the personality types that are the most characteristically described by their fight against their own laziness. They are constantly pushing themselves to be more active and to do something with their life and feel guilty for not being able to make their theories become a reality.

Is Elon Musk INTP or Intj?

It is also important to mention that Elon himself said that he has a problem with punctuation, in regards to his timing. Therefore, he is an INTP. Not an INTJ. The only reason he is able to accomplish so much is because he has an excellent control of his ENTJ shadow.

Are INTPs the most intelligent?

INTPs want to understand the world in all its glorious complexity, and love using others as a sounding board for their brilliant ideas and theories. Some might describe the INTP as the smartest personality type—rational, creative, and ceaselessly curious.

What personality type is the smartest?

ESTJ- This type I would say, is the smartest of all the sensors.

Which personality type has the most psychopaths?

ESTPJudged on this information, it is clear that an ESTP is the most likely type to be a psychopath. This makes sense, as ESTP’s are primarily focused on thinking logically in the moment. They are also secondarily introverted thinking, which means they are spontaneous analyzers.

Why is INTP so rare?

NF’s are almost as rare as NT’s simply because INFJ’s are the rarest of all types. ST types are in the statistical average. So therefore INTP’s are rare.

Which MBTI type is the saddest?

ISFPs ranked highest in emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. They also ranked highest in reporting stress associated with finances and children. All of this information can be found in the MBTI® Manual – Fourth Edition and the MBTI® Manual – Third Edition.

What makes an INTP angry?

Most of the time the INTPs anger comes from a problem or feeling which they have avoided or neglected for a long time. They attempt to push those feelings aside in hopes of not being seen as emotional, instead they want to be as logical as possible.

Is Intj smarter than INTP?

Yes, the average INTJ is smarter than the average INTP, but they have Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci. Then again, Newton, I’ve always seen typed as INTJ. Actually, there are about 1.5 times as many INTP as INTJ, so that may have something to do with this imbalance.

Which personality type has the highest IQ?

It turns out, in terms of sheer numbers, a person with a genius IQ is most likely to be an ENFP. In a meeting room with 100 members of Mensa, you will probably run into sixteen ENFPs, eleven INTPs, eleven ISTJs, and ten INFPs.

What do INTP hate?

Things the INTP HatesWhen people believe illogical things. … Being forced to deal with lots of details. … Being pressured to talk about their feelings before they’re ready. … Having to make a decision before exploring all the possibilities. … Not getting enough alone time.More items…•