What Is The Difference Between HR And BR Tag?

Is Ol an empty tag?

Attributes Specific to the

    Element This is a boolean attribute. If the attribute is present, its value must either be the empty string or a value that is an ASCII case-insensitive match for the attribute’s canonical name, with no leading or trailing whitespace (i.e. either reversed or reversed=”reversed” ).

    Is Br or Br bigger?

    Br – will have the largest atomic size because Br- has one extra electron in its valence shell which due to its unbalanced negative charge will be repelled and hence the atomic radius of Br- will increase. … We also know that anion always have size larger than parent atom so Br- will have largest atomic size…

    How do you use BR?

    tag is used to enter line breaks. It is useful for writing addresses, poems or song lyrics. Do not use
    tag to separate paragraphs. It is very problematic to use
    tag to separate the paragraph for the people who navigate through the screen reading technology.

    How do you break a line without br?

    There are a few ways to break a line without using a
    tag. For that, we can use block-level elements….Add CSS¶Use the text-align property set to “center” for the element.Add color to

    .Use the white-space property set to “pre” for the

    What does the BR tag do?

    The HTML
    element produces a line break in text (carriage-return). It is useful for writing a poem or an address, where the division of lines is significant.

    Should I use br or br />?

    tag is perfectly fine. … In HTML, use
    tag. In XHTML, the valid way is to use

    as mentioned in the XHTML guidelines. According to w3 guidelines, a space should be included before the trailing / and > of empty elements, for example,

    Is BR a container tag?

    Explanation: Container tags require a starting as well as an ending tag. …and, and are examples of container tags.

    are examples of empty tags.

    Is HR an empty tag?


    tag in HTML stands for horizontal rule and is used to insert a horizontal rule or a thematic break in an HTML page to divide or separate document sections. The

    tag is an empty tag and it does not require an end tag. Used to specify the alignment of the horizontal rule.

    Do Heading tag is empty tag?

    tag is empty This means that the URL in question has a header 1 tag which has no value.

    Does P tag need to be closed?

    P-end-tag is only required in XHTML, not in HTML. But some times you have to close it any way eg. … The only time you need an explicit end tag is when you want to end the paragraph and immediately follow it by something that is allowed inside a paragraph (such as text or an inline element).

    What does P mean in HTML?

    The HTML

    element represents a paragraph. Paragraphs are usually represented in visual media as blocks of text separated from adjacent blocks by blank lines and/or first-line indentation, but HTML paragraphs can be any structural grouping of related content, such as images or form fields.

    Is BR tag deprecated?

    All attributes of the br tag are obsolete in HTML5. The line break should only be used within text elements like the paragraph to break lines of text at desired locations. Improper use, but it validated until HTML5 was released. …

    Is it OK to use BR in HTML?

    If you use
    as a line spacer – not ok. So use of
    tag is perfectly valid HTML.

    What can I use instead of a BR tag?

    tag is usually a line break in a HTML document. If you are using multiple
    tags for having more space, then use margin-top or margin-bottom in CSS. Avoid
    tags. By using CSS to add space (for example padding or margin ) between elements instead of

    How do you break a line without a br tag?

    3 Answers. You can use the

     tag to keep the line breaks. The default style for pre tags is monospaced font, but that can be overriden. You can achieve the same effect without any extra default formatting using the white-space: pre CSS property.

    Is BR tag self closing?

    is an empty element without a closing tag (the
    tag defines a line break). Tip: In XHTML, all elements must be closed. Adding a slash inside the start tag, like
    , is the proper way of closing empty elements in XHTML (and XML).

    Should I use Br?

    The HTML br element produces a line break in text (carriage-return). It is useful for writing a poem or an address, where the division of lines is significant. Must have a start tag, and must not have an end tag. In XHTML documents, write this element as

    What's the difference between BR and br />?

    . However, the difference is the position, and is universal for all XML tags. ... In XML, any tag can be self closing, however, with HTML, only tags which are defined as such should be used that way.

    What does

    tag inserts a single line break. The
    tag is useful for writing addresses or poems. The
    tag is an empty tag which means that it has no end tag.

    What is BR and HR?

    tag inserts a single line break. The
    tag is an empty tag which means that it has no end tag. In HTML5, the

    tag defines a thematic break. In HTML 4.01, the

    tag represents a horizontal rule.

    How do you skip to the next line in HTML?

    Skipping Lines You use
    , which stands for 'line BReak'. This is known as an 'empty element' — a tag which doesn't need an end tag — just type that and the text will start on a new line. Or how about skipping a line and creating paragraphs? To do that, use

    , which stands for 'Paragraph'.