What Is The Synonym Of Fretting?

What is a antonym for fret?

dither pother scruple fuss niggle worry flap.


understate natural object impropriety improperness unseemliness..

What is a synonym for hoisted?

Some common synonyms of hoist are boost, elevate, heave, lift, raise, and rear.

What is the opposite of fervent?

Antonyms: passionless, cold. Synonyms: perfervid, flaming, warm, fervid, ardent, fiery, igneous, torrid, impassioned. fervent, fervid(adj)

What fretting means?

1a : to eat or gnaw into : corrode also : fray The acid fretted the metal. b : rub, chafe The harness strap was fretting the horse. c : to make by wearing away a substance the stream fretted a channel. 2 : to cause to suffer emotional strain : vex don’t you fret yourself about me— J. C. Powys.

Is fret a slang word?

When you fret, you worry so much about something that it eats away at you. Many people fret about taking standardized tests, but really, they’re nothing to sweat. Fret comes from the Old English word freton which means to devour like an animal. When you fret over something, it consumes your thoughts.

What does breed mean?

To breed is to have babies, whether you’re a human or a hermit crab. A breed is also a specific type of a domesticated species, like a poodle or Great Dane. The word breed comes from the Old English bredan which means to “bring young to birth,” but also “cherish,” which is how most people feel about their offspring.

What does worry mean?

1a : mental distress or agitation resulting from concern usually for something impending or anticipated : anxiety. b : an instance or occurrence of such distress or agitation. 2 : a cause of worry : trouble, difficulty.

What does fretting corrosion look like?

Pits or grooves and oxide debris characterize this damage, typically found in machinery, bolted assemblies and ball or roller bearings. Contact surfaces exposed to vibration during transportation are exposed to the risk of fretting corrosion.

What does vague mean?

not clearly expressed1a : not clearly expressed : stated in indefinite terms vague accusations. b : not having a precise meaning a vague term of abuse. 2a : not clearly defined, grasped, or understood : indistinct only a vague notion of what’s needed also : slight a vague hint of a thickening waistline hasn’t the vaguest idea.

What is the difference between fret and worry?

When used as nouns, fret means agitation of the surface of a fluid by fermentation or some other cause, whereas worry means a strong feeling of anxiety. Fret as a verb (transitive, obsolete, or, poetic): … Especially when describing animals: to consume, devour, or eat.

Which word means almost the same as worried?

Frequently Asked Questions About worry Some common synonyms of worry are annoy, harass, harry, pester, plague, and tease. While all these words mean “to disturb or irritate by persistent acts,” worry implies an incessant goading or attacking that drives one to desperation.

What causes fretting?

Fretting is a poorly understood form of fatigue caused by minute oscillating motions between materials in rubbing contact. … The contact movement causes mechanical wear and material transfer at the surface, often followed by oxidation of both the metallic debris and the freshly exposed metallic surfaces.

How do you stop fretting?

Means of preventing fretting corrosion :lubrication with oils or greases, to reduce friction and exclude oxygen from the interface.Increase in the hardness of one or both materials in contact. … Use of seals to absorb vibrations and exclude oxygen and/or moisture.More items…

What causes Brinelling?

Brinelling is a material surface failure caused by Hertz contact stress that exceeds the material limit. … Brinelling can be caused by a heavy load resting on a stationary bearing for an extended length of time. The result is a permanent dent or “brinell mark”.

What is the antonym of worry?

Antonyms: apathy, assurance, calmness, carelessness, confidence, ease, light-heartedness, nonchalance, satisfaction, tranquillity. Synonyms: anguish, anxiety, apprehension, care, concern, disquiet, disturbance, dread, fear, foreboding, fretfulness, fretting, misgiving, perplexity, solicitude, trouble.