What’S Another Way Of Saying You’Re Welcome?

What can I say instead of congratulations?

Congratulations synonymsfelicitations.


Well done.


Credit or praise for an achievement; glory; fame.


An exclamation of encouragement.


(Informal) A short form of congratulations.



(Idiomatic) an expression of congratulations approval.

good work.

Advertisement.best wishes.More items….

Can you say you’re very welcome?

There’s also: You’re very welcome. You might say this if someone says to you: ‘Thank you very much’. You’re very welcome! But you can also just say it as a response to ‘thank you’.

How many ways can you say your welcome?

10 waysBased on who you ask, there are at least 10 ways to say “you’re welcome” in English. In addition to saying my preferred, “It was my pleasure,” you also can say “Not a problem,” “Anytime,” “Don’t mention it,” “you got it,” or “sure,” among others. But, the use of each one is up to you.

What should be the reply of anytime?

When they’ve helped you in some way and you say “thanks,” then “anytime” means “I am glad to help anytime you need help.” It’s informal and casual. Other people will say “no problem.” It has the same meaning: “It was not inconvenient for me to help you.”

What are different ways to say welcome back?

welcome back / synonymswelcome home.reverted.again. adv.came back.returned.glad to see you back.safe journey.coming in again.More items…

What is the antonym of welcome?

Words popularity by usage frequencyrankword#53901repulsion#55808disagreeable#56411distasteful#59717ungrateful17 more rows

What is another way to say you’re welcome?

10 Ways to Say “You’re Welcome”You got it.Don’t mention it.No worries.Not a problem.My pleasure.It was nothing.I’m happy to help.Not at all.More items…•

What is another word for welcome?

In this page you can discover 83 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for welcome, like: greetings, warmly received, come right in, gladly admitted, honored, how-do-you-do, friendliness, won’t you come in?, appreciated, desired and pleasant.

What is reply for thank you?

You’re welcome. No problem. No worries.

What is the meaning of you’re most welcome?

In “You’re most welcome” it isn’t saying “most” as in “more than the others”. It’s saying “to the greatest extent”. I suppose if you are thanking several people, but only one of them was actually helpful, you could say, “You’re the most welcome”, but it would come across as mean or sarcastic.

What is the opposite of welcome?

What is the opposite of welcome?unwelcomedisagreeableunpleasantbaddistastefulnastyobjectionableobnoxiousunpalatableunpleasing32 more rows

What do you reply when someone says you’re welcome?

So, when we say ‘You’re welcome’ after someone has thanked you, this is just a short form of ‘That’s ok. I was happy to help you’. There are more formal responses, such as ‘My pleasure’ , and slightly more old-fashioned ones such as ‘Not at all’ and ‘Don’t mention it’.

Is your welcome rude?

She explained that “you’re welcome”—a phrase that is meant to be courteous—is sometimes perceived as insincere or snarky. … When the phrase is exclaimed in the absence of thanks, as comedians have made popular, it is obviously rude. When used graciously, “you’re welcome” is a perfectly polite form of expression.

How do you say hi in a fun way?

If they don’t marry you because of how you say hello, well, then they are not the one for you.’Ello, mate.Heeey, baaaaaby.Hi, honeybunch!Oh, yoooouhoooo!How you doin’?I like your face.What’s cookin’, good lookin’?Howdy, miss.More items…•

Can I say most welcome?

To say “you’re welcome” after someone says “thank you”, and to say “Welcome” to a visitor to your house, do not mean the same thing, and you do not use the same words in the same way for both. So, “you are welcome = you are quite welcome = you are most welcome” .

Is it polite to say you’re welcome?

When you do a favor, and someone says “thank you,” the automatic response is “you’re welcome.” It’s a basic rule of politeness, and it signals that you accept the expression of gratitude—or that you were happy to help.

How do you respond to thanks for coming?

Originally Answered: How do I respond when someone says to me, “Thanks for coming”? You can say, no problem/I really appreciate your greeting/ my pleasure / thanks and so on.

Should you say you’re welcome in email?

As a general rule, you should never reply-all when sending a “you’re welcome” mail. Only reply to the person or people that the thank you came from. In your case you could respond with something like the following: You’re quite welcome.