Where Should I Live In Sussex?

What is Chichester like to live in?

Nestled at the foot of the South Downs, the picturesque cathedral city of Chichester is surrounded by beautiful countryside, amazing coastlines and boasts a thriving cultural scene, fashionable bars and restaurants and plenty of shops for even the most die-hard of shoppers..

Is Eastbourne rough?

With an average crime rate of around 72 crimes per 1000 people, Eastbourne is considered to be a relatively safe town with similar figures to the national average. Crime here is higher than the Sussex average, although statistically safer than the likes of Brighton, Hastings and Crawley.

Is West Sussex a good place to live?

Chichester Office With beautiful national trails, charming villages, historic castles and action-packed outdoor activities, it’s no surprise that West Sussex is a popular place to live, not just for families but young professionals as well due to its strong connections to urban centres and London.

Is East Sussex a nice place to live?

East Sussex is a particularly attractive county: the Ashdown forest covering a large area around Forest Row, the ‘High Weald’ AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) encompassing another large area and the South Downs National Park protecting the chalk uplands in the southern part of the county.

What celebrities live in East Sussex?

Sussex celebrities share what they love most about the countyCate Blanchett.Guy Chambers.Mark Steel.Simon Nye.Leon Taylor.Ray Mears.Daley Thompson.Roger Daltrey.More items…•

Is West Sussex nice?

The county of West Sussex has beautiful country areas. It is best to search south and west, beyond Crawley and the Gatwick airport flightpaths. Here you will find some delightful tranquil parts with villages perfect for a bit of antique browsing and a nice cup of tea.

What is Arundel like to live in?

Arundel feels like a tiny kingdom unto itself, marooned in the Sussex water meadows, supported by an export economy dominated, through its bric-a-brac shops and tea rooms, by the often overlooked antique goods and Victoria sponge sectors.

What is Hailsham famous for?

Hailsham is well known for its livestock market, which dates back to a charter granted in 1252 by Henry III. Originally held in the High Street, photos from the 1860s show the cattle penned against the shop fronts – not very hygienic by today’s standards!

What does Hailsham symbolize?

Hailsham. Hailsham symbolizes the idea that clones are human beings, not just medical procedures. The guardians at Hailsham treat the children well and teach them to take care of each other. … For the clones who did not go there, Hailsham represents the idea that some clones have more privileges than others.

Where should I live in South Downs?

Five of the best villages to move to in the South Downs:house prices are rising faster than the Cotswolds as Petersfield claims top spot1/10 West Meon, Hampshire. … 2/10 Church Street, Storrington. … 3/10 Stedham, West Sussex. … 4/10 Petersfield, Hampshire. … 5/10 Midhurst, West Sussex. … 6/10 Madehurst, West Sussex.More items…•

Is Hailsham a good place to live?

Hailsham sits between the High Weald and the South Downs, and still enjoys unspoilt scenery of some of the county’s finest countryside. History lives on with various markets taking place each month, and it continues to offers a large selection of local shops, pubs and restaurants.

Is it expensive to live in Sussex?

West Sussex has a high cost of living and high house prices, which offset some of its positives like good technology to put it mid-table for quality of life.